Dr. Carroll Thompson

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Dr. Carroll Thompson's examination of Man's alienation from God and his peers provides insight and tools into how to break free from a spiritual "Solitary Confinement."

The isolation of the human soul is the deepest pain man can experience. Much of his wandering comes from trying to fill his emptiness. This book explains man's basic problem: through sin he is separated from God, from his fellow men and even from himself. Dr. Thompson provides a practical solution to help a person find healing and freedom.

Author's Bio:

Dr. Carroll Thomson served as a professor at Christ For The Nations Institute for over 40 years until his death on September 26, 2016. He taught such classes as The Ministry of Jesus, The Order of Righteousness, Freedom Through Deliverance, Pentateuch and many others. Dr. Thompson had ministered in over 35 nations and helped establish CFNI in Romania. A spiritual father, a pastor, a prophet and an apostle to many, he lived an impactful life and left an enduring legacy