The Bruises of Satan

Dr. Carroll Thompson

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"The Bruises of Satan" invites readers to face the hurts that hold them captive and learn how God can heal them. ‰ÛÒThe Bruises of Satan‰۝ was written to help all those who are afflicted, brokenhearted and held captive by their own hurts. It gives insight into the methods Satan uses to destroy our lives through emotional pain and offers the solution through the divine healing.
Dr. Carroll Thomson served as a professor at Christ For The Nations Institute for over 40 years until his death on September 26, 2016. He taught such classes as The Ministry of Jesus, The Order of Righteousness, Freedom Through Deliverance, Pentateuch and many others. Dr. Thompson had ministered in over 35 nations and helped establish CFNI in Romania. A spiritual father, a pastor, a prophet and an apostle to many, he lived an impactful life and left an enduring legacy.