Creation Science Series : Volume 14

Creation Science Series : Volume 14

Dennis G. Lindsay

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"The Genesis Man & His Amazing Accomplishments, Part 1" delves into the creativity and intelligence of God's highest form of creation: Man.

Could the story of mankind be far different than what we have previously been taught by the evolutionary community? Who taught the ancients of the Middle East the secrets of electricity required in the electroplating process? How did the ancient Greeks know how to construct an analog computer? Who taught the ancient American Indians how to make geometric computations to mark the cycles of the sun and moon? Who constructed seven square miles of artificial islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?åÊ

In this volume and the one that follows, we will consider some of the mysteries of the ancient world. We will promptly see that ancient man, right from the beginning of recorded history, was truly brilliant because he was made in God‰۪s image‰ÛÓa masterpiece of intelligence and creativity.åÊ