Creation Science Series : Volume 15

Creation Science Series : Volume 15

Dennis G. Lindsay

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"The Genesis Man & His Amazing Accomplishments, Part 2" continues the study on Ancient Civilizations and how their accomplishments reflected God's hand in the creation of an innovative and intelligent being known as Man.

Who taught the Incas how to perform successful brain surgery? How did the Polynesians methodically cover 15 million square miles of open sea without the aid of a compass to inhabit 25,000 islands before the time of Christ? Who provided the ancient American Indians with the astronomical and mathematical understanding to produce a yearly calendar, which is more precise than the one we use today?åÊ

Lost civilizations have fascinated people of the developed world for over a century now. Questions such as these have caused man to propose fanciful solutions often dependent upon belief in visitors from outer space. More serious scientists and scholars have also searched for answers, yet hundreds of mysteries still remain. In this volume, we will proceed to examine the flow of history from a biblical perspective and investigate many of the amazing ‰ÛÏmysteries‰۝ of the ancients.åÊ