Bible Days...Then & Forever

Bible Days...Then & Forever

Gordon Lindsay

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"Bible Days...Then and Forever" challenges arguments against the modern operation of Spiritual Gifts with meticulous scriptual analysis and testimonial application.

The subject of spiritual gifts is a topic of great debate among the Church. Did the Gifts of the Spirit, specifically the Gift of Healing, cease after the death of Jesus apostles? Many Christians suffer from disease, misguidedly believing they are meant to live out their days on Earth struggling with physical sickness.

In Bible Days Then & Forever, Gordon Lindsay uses a combination of meticulous Scriptural application and personal experience to offer the foundation for the Gifts of Healing in the modern Church. He methodically deals with each and every issue concerning the Gifts of Healing, from the cause of sickness and God's Covenant of Healing to how to maintain ones healing.

Bible Days Then & Forever is not only one of Lindsay's most prolific works, but a powerful testimony, confirming the undeniable truth: God is still in the healing business!