Worldwide Evangelism Through Healing and Miracles

Worldwide Evangelism Through Healing and Miracles

Gordon Lindsay

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Gordon Lindsay's examination of Divine Healing for the purpose of spreading the Gospel provides Biblical principles of Divine Healing and how to practically apply them in evangelism.

The entire religious world is very much aware of the magnitude and intensity that comes from powerful healing revivals. Television and Internet broadcasts continually demonstrate miraculous signs and wonders that are occurring throughout the Earth. Ministers everywhere realize that an evangelism ministry is a Heaven-sent means of reaching the masses for Christ, whether it takes place in America or a foreign land.

This book will use the Bible to answer specific questions about healing. Is it God's will to heal? What causes sickness? Why are some Christians sick? What should they do to be healed? Why do healings vary with different diseases? Are healings at evangelistic outreaches Scriptural? How should ministers deal with the opposition that comes from a healing and deliverance ministry? This book also aids ministers in how to receive the gift of healing, some things to avoid, and how to make a healing outreach a success.