By Faith Alone

By Faith Alone

Patrick Klein

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Confessions Of A Bible Smuggler -"By Faith Alone" shares stories from the life of Bible Smuggler Patrick Klein and builds faith with testimonies of God's protection and provision in some of the most dangerous countries in the world.

I checked in my suitcases and then reality hit me, What did I just do? I'm traveling to the most radical Islamic country in the world, and I have Bibles in my bag. By the time we reached the X-ray machine, a man had come out of nowhere. He barked at me with a stern voice, "Put your suitcases on the X-ray machine." My heart was pounding. The question was no longer if they find the Bibles, but what they would do to me as a result. Would they cut off my head or take me out back and shoot me?

By Faith Alone, tells the many unique, exciting and God-ordained stories of how millions of Bibles have now made it into hostile countries in the hands of smugglers like Patrick Klein.