Gifts Of The Holy Spirit In Action

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit In Action

Christ For The Nations

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From the 1800's to the Present Day - This collection of historical accounts covers the start and spread of the Full Gospel movement and all of its struggles and triumphs.

GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN ACTION was written as a general overview of the historical move of God that started in the 1800s and still continues today. This movement was pioneered by courageous leaders who brought a reformation to Christianity, which has impacted the world.

If the Pentecostal Outpouring and Charismatic Movement had never taken place, the world would certainly be different. No matter what your beliefs are, the impact it has had globally cannot be denied. This book does not try to conceal the challenges that believers in Christ faced, but encourages ordinary people to overcome the obstacles and hindrances of everyday living with the power of the Holy Spirit being active in their lives.