Bible Training Series, Vol. 1 (e-book)

Bible Training Series, Vol. 1 (e-book)

Gordon Lindsay

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The Bible Is The Word Of God - The E-Book of the First of 13 volumes in the "Bible Training" series provides insight into the authority and integrity of scripture, all in a convenient electronic format.

The Bible Is The Word of God, will answer questions through examples of modern-day science and historical research, which substantiates the Bible to be true. The amazing, historical fulfillment of prophecies, which are even going on yet today, continues to confirm the reality of the facts.

The Bible is the Word of God provides insights into The New Testament, which includes the teachings of Christ and the instructions God intended for His Church, which enables each individual, young or old, to live a solid, stable and victorious Christian life.

eBook format: EPUB, can be used on multiple devices