Bible Training Series, Vol. 10 (e-Book)

Bible Training Series, Vol. 10 (e-Book)

Gordon Lindsay

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How You Can Be Healed - The E-Book of the 10th of 13 volumes in the "Bible Training Series" provides insight on Divine Healing and its impact on the lives of biblical figures and modern-day believers, all in a convenient electronic format.

In the early years of Gordon Lindsay's life, he contracted Ptomaine Poisoning and came close to death. Through his good friend, John G. Lake and Lake's wife, who gave him her husband's sermons to read and to mediate on, his faith reached the point where he was willing to trust God, step out in faith and receive total deliverance. Gordon learned something about healing. This book reveals great testimonies of people from both the Old and New Testament who received their healing.

As you turn these pages, the Word will come alive, your faith will arise, and you will realize healing is for you, too. Once you examine the accounts of miraculous healings that are recorded in the Scriptures, you will discover that Divine healing and health is still God's plan for His children today.