Bible Training Series, Vol. 11 (e-Book)

Bible Training Series, Vol. 11 (e-Book)

Gordon Lindsay

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The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life - The E-Book of the 11th of 13 volumes in the "Bible Training Series" provides insight into the mystery surrounding death and what lies beyond, all in a convenient electronic format.

Throughout the ages, people have had questions about death. Is there life after death? If there is life, where do we go to experience this life? God's Word gives us answers to these and other questions regarding eternal life.

THE GIFT OF GOD IS ETERNAL LIFE conveys the accounts of people and their experiences. It also discusses some false belief systems that people have developed in order to express their opinions about life after death. Scientists, academicians, theologians and specialists of every kind have continued to search for the unknown mysteries and keys to unlock wisdom and deeper understandings of life after death. However, only the Word of God communicates the truth of God and His plan for those who believe His gift is eternal life.