Bible Training Series, Vol. 12 (e-Book)

Bible Training Series, Vol. 12 (e-Book)

Gordon Lindsay

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Angels And Demons - The E-Book of the 12th of 13 volumes in the "Bible Training Series" provides insight on Spiritual Warfare and the biblical history surrounding Satan's rebellion and eventual defeat, all in a convenient electronic format.

ANGELS AND DEMONS provides insights into some of the questions people have about supernatural manifestations in the spirit realm. Throughout the ages, people have shown an interest in the angels of the Lord, Satan, and his fallen angels and demons. As you study the Bible and this book, you will learn about the spiritual warfare that takes place on Earth and in the heavens.

We will trace the successive defeats of Satan, his displacement, his coming imprisonment in the bottomless pit, and finally his eternal doom in the lake of fire. The war that started as a result of Satan's rebellion has been fierce, and he has spread his evil ways throughout the Earth.

God is calling for men and women who will be prayer warriors in this great battle of the ages. In Angels and Demons, we come to understand that we are the victorious Church of Jesus Christ, and that we will gloriously reign with Him in Heaven.