Bible Training Series, Vol. 9

Bible Training Series, Vol. 9

Gordon Lindsay

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The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit - The Ninth of 13 volumes in the "Bible Training Series" provides insight into the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit's work today.

This book provides a thorough biblical study of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they can impact individuals, as well as the Church. Through the power of these supernatural gifts, Christ, through the Holy Spirit, is able to manifest Himself and His ministry in any part of the Earth. The Church truly becomes the Body of Christ, doing His works and ministering His love and compassion to the needy.

As you realize the importance of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, you will also come to realize how they are manifested in the Body of Christ on the Earth today, how they assist in the evangelization of the world, how they edify the Church, how they provide deliverance for God's people, and how they are necessary for perfecting the Church. The word of wisdom, discerning of spirits, gift of faith, gifts of healing, working of miracles, the gift of prophecy and the gifts of tongues and interpretation are all included in this study.