Creation Science Series : The Companion Workbook

Creation Science Series : The Companion Workbook

Dennis G. Lindsay

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This Workbook interacts with truths shared in the first 10 books of the Creation Science series for a memorable and impactful reading experience.

This workbook stands as a helpful companion while readers explore the first 10 books in the Creation Science Series:

  • Foundations for Creation
  • Harmony of Science and Scripture
  • The Origins Controversy: Creation By Design or Chance
  • The Canopied Earth: World That Was
  • The Genesis Flood: Continents in Collision
  • The Original Star Wars and The Age of Ice
  • The Dinosaur Dilemma: Fact or Fantasy
  • The Birth of Planet Earth and The Age of The Universe
  • The Dismantling of Evolution's Sacred Cow: Radiometric Dating
  • The ABC's of Evolutionism: Ape-man, Batman, Catwoman and Other Evolutionary Fantasies