Creation Science Series : Volume 17 Part 1

Creation Science Series : Volume 17 Part 1

Dennis G. Lindsay

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"The War on the Authority of Scripture, Part 1" reveals tests created against Biblical Authority by evolutionary thought and how Christians can pass the tests.

Scripture clearly states that physical death first took place after man sinned. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God's first direct command, sin became the consequence of their rebellion against His authority.

Satan has fought tenaciously in an effort to mesmerize the Church into accepting the evolutionary doctrine of Earth's history being millions and billions of years. The dogma undermines not only the authority of God and His Word, but invalidates the purpose of Christ's death on the cross.

Part One, of this two-part volume, focuses on a test that every person faces when he or she reads the story of Creation in Genesis, chapter one.

Passing the test is the key for understanding and accepting the Creation Account of God's Word and His authority.

As a result of the Church in America failing the test, America's Christian foundation is crumbling. With rejection of God's Word, as the foundation on which this nation was built, the history of America is being rewritten.

This volume reveals how the Church can pass the test.

Author Bio:

Dr. Dennis Lindsay is the President and CEO of Christ For The Nations, Dallas Texas. He has also taught for 40 years at Christ For The Nations Institute. Dennis completed his Masters Degree in Practical Theology and his Doctorate of Ministry Degree at Oral Roberts University. Dennis, Ginger, and their family reside in Dallas, Texas.