Creation Science Series : Volume 17 Part 2

Creation Science Series : Volume 17 Part 2

Dennis G. Lindsay

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"The War on the Authority of Scripture, Part 2" substantiates arguments for the Biblical creation of a young Earth against evolutionary thought.

Scripture clearly states that physical death first took place after man sinned. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God's first direct command, sin became the consequence of their rebellion against His authority.

Satan has fought tenaciously in an effort to mesmerize the Church into accepting the evolutionary doctrine of Earths history being millions and billions of years. The dogma undermines not only the authority of God and His Word, but invalidates the purpose of Christ's death on the cross.

Part Two of this volume centers on the abundance of evidence for the origins of a recent Creation and young Earth.

We will investigate what part science plays in determining when Creation took place.

Why Satan's number one target is Genesis, chapter one.

Issues such as the order of events of Creation, Radio Metric Dating, the age of starlight, and the local flood theory.

And provides information to understand aspects such as the heart of the atheist, the importance of establishing the foundations for a Christian worldview, and whether or not God could have created through Evolutionism.

The war of the ages is all about worship. Will you worship God or Satan?