Creation Science Series : Volume 18

Creation Science Series : Volume 18

Dennis G. Lindsay

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"Evangelism Through Creation" presents a revived approach in sharing the Gospel message of Salvation by accessing truths in Creation.

The evolutionary worldview is one of the major reasons why millions of young people are unreceptive to the salvation message of Jesus Christ. They are also unfamiliar with traditional biblical teaching because most are not connected with a church. The only training they have received is through science and technology, which has deceived them into believing that the Genesis record of Creation in the Bible is inaccurate. Therefore, they reject the rest of Scripture as being the truth, as well.

What is the answer? The answer is found in the Book of Acts. Paul uses the subject of Creation to win the hearts of the educated unbelievers. This book will revive Paul's approach in presenting the Gospel, which will reveal the solution, how to reach the 21st Century nonbeliever by evangelizing from Genesis 1:1, by presenting Evangelism Through Creation.