Creation Science Series : Volume 4

Creation Science Series : Volume 4

Dennis G. Lindsay

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"The Canopied Earth: World That Was" explores biblical and historical evidences of a world before The Fall where everything was bigger, greener, and healthier.

Did you know that at one time the world was much different? There were giants walking the Earth, pyramids around the world, forests in Antarctica and fruit trees in Siberia. People lived hundreds of years. No snow or rain fell anywhere. A worldwide paradise existed from pole to pole.

In this volume, we will explore evidence for the marvels of that ancient world, living creatures that grew to massive proportions. Giant lizards, which we call dinosaurs, weighed over 40 tons and were common. Everything that was alive then, grew to what we would consider to be a jumbo size today, including mankind, who the Bible said lived up to 1,000 years.

We will also look at prophetic Scriptures, which suggest a future day where the Earth will once again support life that will promote an increased life span and size of its plants, animals and mankind, a day where we may once again experience a return to an environment like the Garden of Eden.