Creation Science Series : Volume 5

Creation Science Series : Volume 5

Dennis G. Lindsay

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"The Genesis Flood: Continents in Collision" provides insight into one of the most catastrophic and scientifically evident events of early human history: Noah's Flood

The Great Flood of Genesis was neither local nor tranquil, as alleged by evolutionists and even some evangelicals. Instead, it was a worldwide hydraulic, volcanic and tectonic upheaval. Such energy was released that an explosion of the world's entire nuclear arsenal would be puny in comparison. It left in its wake a sedimentary rock graveyard, averaging a mile in depth, all around the globe. It changed both history and nature's course, and it caused God to make a promise to all mankind that He would not flood the Earth again, leaving His rainbow in the sky as a symbol.

Discover the fascinating facts about Noah's Flood in this volume, The Genesis Flood: Continents in Collision.