Chris Estrada

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This inspiring read from YFN Director Chris Estrada will motivate readers to carry out to the end the calling on their lives, marriages, and ministries.

The Spirit of a Finisher will blow the dust of discouragement, partial obedience, and bad timing off the dreams and assignments of God on your life. Finisher speaks to everyone who has ever struggled to find the courage to complete everything from marriages, to business plans, to following the call of God on their life, to taking stands for righteousness.

It exposes the lies and patterns that try to kill dreamers and paralyze the risk takers from emerging into their God given destiny. A prophetic call is thundering right now to live from Heaven̻s perspective, run with divine focus, and transform society. No more living with regrets and excuses--this book will develop a holy discomfort to FINISH exactly how you started!