Freda: The Widow Who Took Up The Mantle

Freda: The Widow Who Took Up The Mantle

Freda Lindsay

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Freda Lindsay's personal coverage of her life after Gordon's passing details God's movement in her life as President of Christ For the Nations.

Freda Lindsay̻s journey through life has brought her from the obscure sod house of her birth on the windswept plains of Saskatchewan, Canada, to a ministry of worldwide renown.

In 1973, after the death of Gordon, her husband of 35 years, Freda continued the ministry they had shared as she assumed leadership of Christ For The Nations. In addition to directing its missionary activities, she was also the head of Christ For The Nations Institute with its 33,000 World-Changing students and publisher and editor of Christ For The Nations Magazine.

In 1976, her book, My Diary Secrets, was published. It gave readers an intimate look into her childhood years, her marriage to the young evangelist, Gordon Lindsay, and the ministry God gave them which eventually reached global proportions.

In Freda: The Widow Who Took Up the Mantle, she continues to chronicle how God moved in her life in the years after Gordon̻s passing. A woman of strength, courage and vision, Freda Lindsay was also a woman with a singular purpose in life ... that everything she did might bring glory and honor to the Lord she serves with whole- hearted dedication and total commitment.