Going Cross-Cultural

Going Cross-Cultural

Rod Groomer

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(Student Manual) "Going Cross-Cultural" gives students a guide to adapting as missionaries by following Jesus's example and utilizing the tools of today. Going Cross-Cultural was written to provide foundational training for the future missionary in cross-cultural adaptation, as it applies to living and ministering successfully in a new culture.

It begins with Jesus example of crossing into the Samaritan culture with the twelve disciples to teach them how to overcome their cultural barriers. It ends with the skill of speaking through an interpreter and acquiring a new language. This teaching manual gives special attention to households mentioned in the Bible and how they are utilized in missionary work to extend the Kingdom of God in societies.

This insightful work gives practical wisdom on how to deal with numerous issues while living in another culture:

  • Coping with missionary culture shock
  • Dealing with foreign politics as a guest minister
  • The importance of learning foreign laws
  • How to deal with human rights abuses, bribery and professional beggars
  • The proper use of money in the foreign bargaining process

This book gives the missionary, who is preparing for the field, a wealth of information to help them successfully adapt to any new culture that the Lord is calling and directing them to.