Know Your Authority

Know Your Authority

Gordon Lindsay

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Some still believe it is not God’s will to heal. Some even believe that He sends illness to work out some unknown purpose or to bring them closer to Him. We may pray or cry out to God more during an affliction, which creates “feeling” closer to Him. His Word says,“If we draw near to Him, He will draw close to us.” However, the question remains: Why would God use something that is from the devil to teach us anything, when He sent the Holy Spirit to be our guide—the Spirit of Truth?

The answer is: HE WOULDN’T, AND HE DOESN’T!

As you read what the Word of God clearly states about this subject you will no longer be willing to except the devil’s lies that you or a loved one cannot be healed today. The Word of God is the only truth we can stand on. Jesus healed, and the Word declares, Jesus is the same yesterday … today … forever!