Missionary, Go Home

Missionary, Go Home

Robert Nishimoto

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Robert Nishimoto's transparent memoir of his life as a missionary in Thailand will challenge and inspire readers who want to learn more about Global Missions and their part in it.

If you want to find out how this missionary survived, read ths book. However, if you're thinking about becoming a missionary, this book may not necessarily be an encouragement. It depends on Who you believe in and Who you trust in.

Missionary, Go Home is an open book of this one man's successes and failures, the mountain tops and the valleys, the sacred and the secular, the shunned and the embraced, the scared and the brave, the foolish and the smart. The battles were many, and yet, the Lord was faithful.

Today, Pastor Nishimoto is still answering God's call on his life. He has faithfully served as a missionary to Thailand for almost 50 years. He says, Behind every missionary, there is God! Let this story, his story, provide you with the intimate details of his life, which will more than prove this statement to be true.