My Dolly Taught Me To Love

My Dolly Taught Me To Love

Sharon Bickl

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Sharon Bickl's touching coming-of-age memoir shares lessons learned from time spent with a special next door neighbor, Dolly.

Sharon was somewhat of a tomboy. She didn't relate too well to the things other girls did, like playing with dolls. It wasn't until later on in life, after many years of training through a grand and dear friendship with her Dolly, that she finally understood the role these dolls can actually play in the maturing process in a young girl's life.

Sharon, at the age of 12, met Dolly, who lived on the farm next to her in a rural area of Illinois. From their first meeting, they were instantly connected, even though Dolly was much, much older. Their story, as Sharon recorded it growing up, is the exciting journey of her progress from a young girl to an adult woman. It is filled with amazing events, laughter, and a few tear-jerking memories. As you read through these pages, you will laugh, cry, and experience the lessons learned in this touching coming-of-age memoir.