Nature Speaks of Intelligent Design, Vol. 1 & 2 (eBooks)

Nature Speaks of Intelligent Design, Vol. 1 & 2 (eBooks)

Dennis G. Lindsay

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Enjoy both Volumes of Dr. Dennis Lindsay's insightful books on Creation anywhere with our convenient two-book E-bundle!

Nature speaks for itself that nothing happens by chance! In his books, Dr. Dennis Lindsay explains in detail how the universe and everything in it couldn't have just evolved by accident. The official evidence is presented by nature, there is a Creator.

As you look closely at the uniqueness and intricacies of each creature that is highlighted in this book, you'll observe the wonders of God's Creation and how mankind has benefited from them. Scientists have even replicated many of the intelligent principles, which they discovered were originally programed in nature, such as fuel efficiency, airport security, military technology and aerodynamics.

As you read these two volumes, Nature Speaks of Intelligent Design: God's Wonders of Creation, you will see how everything fits into God's perfect plan and how much He loves His Creation.

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