Nature Speaks of Intelligent Design, Vol. 2

Nature Speaks of Intelligent Design, Vol. 2

Dennis G. Lindsay

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God̻s Wonders of Creation: Plants, Insects and Microbic Marvels - Volume Two of this educational series explores God's undeniable hand in creation with scientific examples from nature!

Nature speaks for itself that nothing happens by chance! In his book, Dr. Dennis Lindsay explains in detail how the universe and everything in it couldn't have just evolved by accident. The official evidence is presented by nature, there is a Creator.

The Bible reveals that God designed and created the universe from nothing. Mankind, on the other hand, takes what God has made and rearranges it to make things that are useful to us. Today, scientists have learned how to manipulate the genetic information from plants, insects, and these microbic marvels to better serve our needs.

As you read this second volume, Nature Speaks of Intelligent Design: God's Wonders of Creation, you will see how everything fits into God's perfect plan and how much He loves His Creation.