Prayer That Moves Mountains

Prayer That Moves Mountains

Gordon Lindsay

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Gordon Lindsay's look at intercession through the lens of The Lord's Pray will shift traditional views of prayer from helpless pleas to powerful conversations with God.

Do you have access to the power that will move mountains? Do you know if it is the will of God for the sick to be healed? Is it the will of God that believers live in good health? Is it the will of God that believers have victory over oppression and fear? Is it the will of God that His childrens‰۪ daily needs be supplied?

When you come to understand all the benefits God has already provided for us through His Son, Jesus Christ, you will see that prayer needs to be an essential part of our daily life. When you also learn how God answers prayer in the Bible, you will begin to realize that miracles can and will be a part of your life, too.