Quos Ego

Quos Ego

Jones Lamar Howell

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This fictional portrayal of a world united under tyrannical rule takes readers on an exciting journey through tribulation-era America and Europe.

In the year 2024, most of Europe and America have been united under one å_ag. Quos Ego, a technology designed to bring the world together, is now being used to destroy the lives of its citizens, and its critics. Accessible, yet inescapable, the use of this technology and the people‰۪s desire for safety have quenched their thirst for freedom. For those who resist this monolithic power, the consequences are catastrophic.

Follow Alexandre Janssen, a former government of_cial, and Holocaust survivor Benjamin Kohn, as they seek to unmask the atrocities lurking beneath the surface of Quos Ego, and throw off the tyrannical rule of Conducator Ion Nistor. They are joined by many friends along the way who, like them, long to taste freedom once again. åÊåÊ