We Saw It Happen

We Saw It Happen

Gordon Lindsay

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Gordon Lindsay's personal accounts of the Healing movement during the 20th century will inspire and grow faith in believers from all walks of life.

Gordon Lindsay originally wrote They Saw It Happen to testify of the great signs and wonders that these individuals witnessed first-hand, through a powerful move of the Holy Spirit. When the Body of Christ began to understand and experience the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, it led them to the greatest Pentecostal outpouring and Charismatic movement of the 20th Century.

Gordon himself was present when these events were happening. In fact, he not only attended many of the healing tent revivals, but also traveled from city to city with these Spirit-filled, healing evangelists. He personally witnessed what was happening when these men and women of God moved by the direction of the Holy Spirit. Thus, the title of this book has changed to We Saw It Happen.

The testimonies in this book will not only encourage you, but challenge your faith to believe in the fullness of Who God is and to walk in His truth. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, which means the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are still in action today.