Wrestling For Your Prophetic Destiny

Wrestling For Your Prophetic Destiny

Dr. Alemu Beeftu

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Dr. Alemu Beeftu's keys to pursuing your God-given destiny inspires readers to take action and fight for what they're called to.

Destiny burns in the hearts of God's people because He has not only placed a Divine destiny within each one of us, but He is raising up a generation that is preparing to go after their destiny. Did you know that your life will be remembered both on Earth and throughout eternity?

In this book, Dr. Alemu Beeftu provides biblical examples on how to seek the best for your life, regardless of your circumstances or the situations that try to stand like road blocks against you. You are created in His image, and He wants you to join Him in fulfilling all of His purposes for you on Earth. Isn‰۪t it time you began the good fight by discovering and wrestling for your prophetic destiny?